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Etiquette is defined as a traditional set of proprieties executed in both social and professional situations. To some extent, practicing the social graces has become a dying art, an "obsolete" list of rules with seemingly no place in our fast-paced, high-tech world. But the truth remains: Presentation is everything. A sound execution of etiquette indicates an attention to detail, self-awareness and common courtesy—all of which make the difference in whatever you wish to accomplish.

Whether you are a graduate seeking employment, a restaurant or business owner, a senior executive or a foreign executive, The Southern Institute of Etiquette and Protocol offers exceptional interactive programs that break down the nuances of everything from shaking hands to analyzing handwriting, from starting a conversation to closing one. Our certified etiquette consultants are passionate about not only instructing you in the refined art of presentation but also in building the confidence you need to reach new career heights.

"It takes 20 years to build a reputation and 5 minutes to ruin it. If you think about that, you'll do things differently."- WarrenBuffet,

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Ongoing classes for Dental & Medical Offices

Sales Team

Enhance the Professionalism of the office staff through Business Etiquette & Body Language

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Handwriting Analysis for the Business Executive
Charleston, SC
Gerald Glascock

South Carolina State University
Executive Speaker Series
Gerald Glascock

Body Language & Networking Skills for Law Firms
Gerald Glascock

Body Language Consulting
Columbia, SC
Gerald Glascock

About Us

Gerald Glascock, Director, recognized the lack of business and social etiquette practices in Business Executives, Business Owners and those representing business while entertaining clients in the banking industry. Attending the Washington School of Protocol he obtained the highest certification in Etiquette and Protocol so he could help those that truly seek to improve themselves as well as outclass their competition. He teaches effective communication through body language and does handwriting analysis. By giving a comprehensive needs assessment, he can design a program specifically for each company, their employees or individuals.

In Augusta, Georgia he made a decision to be Director of The Southern Institute of Etiquette and Protocol, where he has helped many achieve their goals through improved self-esteem, etiquette and protocol. He has traveled throughout the U.S. speaking, training and dedicating his resources to educate business professionals. Gerald has written for golf magazines, newspapers and magazines aimed at helping others.


Enhancement Series for Business Executives

This program is tailored to fit the business executive seeking to advance professionally. The class is designed to enhance social skills and self-confidence, thus providing an advantage in seeking a job or career change, in distinguishing oneself among his professional peers, or in vying for a promotion.

The following topics will be discussed in great detail through lecture, demonstration and participation:

Effective Networking




Business Card Protocol

Communication Skills

Eye Contact

Rising to the Occasion

Listening Skills

Body Language



Top Reasons People are not Hired

Questions and Responses


Professional Image

First Impressions

Business Attire

Personality Profiling





Areas of Improvement

Written and Electronic Correspondence


Business Correspondence

Receiving and Responding to Invitations

Thank-you Notes



Dine Like a Diplomat

Duties of the Host and Guest



American and Continental Styles of Dining

Correct Usage of Glasses and Silverware

Visual Dining Tutorial



Business Etiquette Seminar for College Students, Graduates and Young Adults

This Program Will Sever As A Catalyst For Enhancing Interviewing Skills And Career Marketability. Knowledge Mastered During This Seminar Will Provide A Distinct Advantage In Today’s Highly Completive Job Market.

Our Topics Will Include The Following:

Effective Networking

How To Make An Entrance




Business Card Protocol

Communication Skills

Eye Contact

Rising to the Occasion

Listening Skills

Body Language



Thank You Notes

Extending And Accepting Invitations

Electronic Correspondence